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by scottdavidmeyer on December 8, 2010

After the recent sharing of information by the website Wikileaks there has been an all-out assault on the website and the founder. It’s been fascinating to see the US try to react in an environment where they can’t directly control the actor. However, they have started a broad and thorough campaign of cutting off the site by proxy, by shutting down funding, servers, domain names and even promoting prosecution and closing bank accounts. All of this points to an important and fascinating battle of the US’ ability to act by proxy. How much power does the US actually wield when it comes to a diffuse system like the internet? In the mountains of Afghanistan, the diffuse network of informants seem tough to crack, but they’re doing pretty well on the diffuse network of the internet.

My favorite thought leader, Clay Shirky, has had a number of posts and recommendations talking about the subject. He’s on CNN talking about it while Crooked Timber points out the tension of US control. Important questions of the future of “openness” are now being answered under the spotlight of real life.


The cost of studying in Norway for an American student

by The Traveling Cowboy on November 15, 2010

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I received an email recently from a Luther College student asking about studying in Norway. One of his main questions was…what does it cost to study in Norway?

A great question. And the short answer is the best…it’s free! But, before you get too excited (although you should be, come on, a chance to study in Norway? AWESOME!), you should know some details.

To study in Norway longer than three months, you need a student residence permit. The applications are submitted to Norwegian Foreign Missions in the US. Don’t go to Norway and try to apply…did that once and didn’t go so well for me. The application costs 1100 Norwegian Kroner (or NOK), which unfortunately for Americans is getting more expensive by the day (currently $185).

The other money element for the application is proof of subsistence. Basically Norway is saying, you can study tuition-free (maybe a small student activity fee), but you have to prove that you have the cash to support yourself while you are here. Norway says that this amount is exactly 82,900 NOK (about $14000). AND, you have to prove you have this money with three months of records, so you can’t just transfer money in to your account, print off a report, and transfer it back to mommy or daddy. If you have a grant or scholarship, you can send documentation to help get you to the magical 82900 NOK. There are a number of grant opportunities available that could also help, especially if you want to study in the North.

Other elements for the student residence permit include:

  • A plan of study (download here)
  • A completed application form with a passport photo (download here)
  • Documentation of admission to an “approved educational institution”
  • Documentation of housing (this could be student housing)

While it is a bit tough to get all the paperwork done, especially since admission for me came in June with classes beginning at the end of August, it is worth it. When you arrive, you can work 20 hours a week and if you are able, I highly recommend doing so. It will help you learn Norwegian, it will help you meet new people and you can earn a Norwegian wage.

One of the complaints of Norway is that it’s expensive, but if you work there, it’s not such a shock. Sure, beer costs 4x more, but your wage is also 3-4 times higher with vacation pay, coffee breaks and no tax if you earn less than 40,000 NOK ($6700) a year. Take off the 40ish% tax and you’re making great money. Probably enough to head south with the other Norwegian during Mørketid to get a tan and chorizo.

Definitely consider studying in Norway. If you’re curious where to study, check back for the next post on Norwegian Universities, language schools and colleges. If you have opportunities for scholarships, tips for studying in Norway or places where students should study, leave a comment in the forum!

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Studying in Norway, Pt. 1

November 14, 2010
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The future of collaboration between Norway and the US should be based on a desire to share cutting-edge technology and knowledge. Norway and specifically Tromsø is a mecca for developments in renewable energy, music, linguistics, natural resource extraction and telemedicine. It should be promoted as such instead of a place to go to simply find your roots.

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Falling Washing Machines and Norwegian Heating

October 12, 2010
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In Tromsø, Norway, heated bathroom floors come standard. It makes sense when you’re above the Arctic Circle, but it also might have something to do with the electricity in Norway. Norway produces 98% of its capacity from hydroelectricity. And you feel a lot less guilty leaving the heat on when it’s coming from the nearby fjord.

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Aurora Borealis in Norway

September 17, 2010
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ShareAs summer quickly changes to winter, it is now officially Aurora Borealis season. The Northern Lights are an amazing occurrence that are often seen in Northern Norway. In fact, 70 degrees north is the perfect latitude to see the Northern Lights, the latitude line that runs just north of Tromsø. Why 70 degrees north you [...]

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Data Collection for Social Good

September 16, 2010

Data collection, both passively and actively, represent a huge opportunity for improving society. Whether it is epidemic monitoring, violence in a population or idea-sharing, understanding actual offline social networks can provide us powerful informat…

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Surviving Two Months of Darkness…Rotary-style

August 28, 2010

ShareI have the opportunity today to present at the Rotary District Conference in Sioux Falls, SD. I’ll be sharing a bit about my time in Norway, thanking them for their support and challenging them to continue to fund cultural collaboration because the very students (like me) that they send abroad can come back and help [...]

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Norwegian architecture firm to redesign Time Square

June 28, 2010

The Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta is redesigning Time Square. Over the next three years, they will aim to make Time Square more like Karl Johans Gate in Oslo with bicycle-friendly lanes and an overall pedestrian friendly design.

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Ava at 2.26am

June 28, 2010

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Eurovision arrives in Oslo, Norway

June 2, 2010

Eurovision 2010 arrived to much fanfare in Oslo, Norway where many fans were hopeful their countries could win. Visitors from Israel explain why Harel Skaat’s Milim should win and why Israel is in the Eurovision song contest.

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